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Newborn Session Information

*Newborn sessions can be fun and exciting and it is so important to document those first few days of life. However, they take a lot of planning, time, and so much patience. Here are a few tips and suggestions to make sure the session goes smoothly.


-Newborns typically photograph best between 4-8 days old. Depending on the temperament of the baby, they can even be photographed up to 14 days old, but I aim for the 4-8 day time frame.

-I have a certain style of newborn photography; sweet and simple. I typically do not use many props because I want the focus to be on your precious new bundle of joy! However, I love incorporating personal and sentimental items and outfits, so I encourage you to bring any items from home that you may want to use. Also, if there is any specific color scheme or theme you want, please let me know prior to the delivery of your baby so that I have time to order or make anything we may need.

-Prior to the session, please try to keep your little one awake for about an hour. Then, as soon as you get to the studio, you can feed your baby and it normally will put them to sleep. It is also a good idea to bring a pacifier and a bottle of formula or breastmilk. From my experience, babies tend to eat and fall into a deeper sleep after drinking from a bottle. (Not sure why, but it's just something I have noticed!) However, if you are exclusively breastfeeding, that is perfectly fine as well!

-Once the baby is fed and comfortable, I prefer to do the family and/or sibling shots first. That way, if you have any younger children, a family member, friend, or spouse can take them somewhere else while we finish the individual shots of baby. This can be difficult to do with young siblings present.

Things to keep in mind

-I keep my studio very warm, usually at about 85 degrees so that the baby is comfortable. Because of this, I highly suggest wearing light and comfortable clothing. For family and sibling shots, I recommend wearing neutral colors without any patterns. The more simple, the better.

-Newborn sessions are completely unpredictable. They can last between 2-3 hours. I try to shoot multiple set ups and poses but sometimes that just isn't possible, depending on baby's temperament. All I ask is for your patience. I will ALWAYS do my best to get as many different shots as I can. In the very rare instance that the baby just isn't happy or cooperative, I will always offer to reshoot a day or two after the original session.

-My priority with a newborn session is always the safety and comfort of baby. There are certain poses that I need a "spotter" or assistant. This is when I will ask for your help so that baby stays safe! My second priority is keeping you comfortable and happy, so I want you to be able to relax and enjoy your experience. Most importantly, I want to be able to capture your new baby and all of his/her tiny perfections.

-And as always, I truly thank you for trusting in me to document such an important part of your life. I cannot wait to cuddle your brand new baby!

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